A5_200-x-301_small-1956 A3_500-x-623_large-November-1951We’re Sue & Chuck, Welcome to Cherished Photos Restored.

This is our personal photo blog. Be gentle, we are not professional photographers, so our shot quality will vary from snapshots to hey, that turned out pretty good!

You’ll also find examples of images I’ve restored for ourselves and clients. Sue and I are in the early stages of a long term project to scan, restore and print the images we’ve taken over almost 4 decades together.

We will be turning many of these images into custom, multi-media slideshows some of which we’ll share here. I figure I’ve done custom slideshows for others, now that I’ve semi-retired it’s time to work on our own shows.

The blog will be evolving over the next few months as we shut down our other websites and add some of that material here and of course, post new items.

For more background on us visit our Who’s Behind The Lens page.